Coeliac UK is sharing its ‘tried-and-tested’ gluten-free pancake recipes for Shrove Tuesday (28 February).

The recipes can be found on the charity’s website, which includes more than 800 recipe suggestions, as well as tips and information about making gluten-free pancakes.

Kathryn Miller, Coeliac UK’s head of food policy, told British Baker that eating gluten-free didn’t mean people had to miss out on pancakes during Shrove Tuesday.

“Make sure you check the flour you use is gluten-free and, when cooking, ensure you avoid cross-contamination by using separate cooking utensils and fresh oil,” she said.

“And of course check that the fillings are all gluten-free too - whether you fancy sweet traditional pancakes or something different, such as chicken and mushroom buckwheat pancakes or savoury chickpea pancakes.”

The charity has suggested using alternative flours such as buckwheat or chickpea for savoury pancakes or, for something sweet, they recommend lemon syrup pancakes.