Dawn Foods has expanded its premium doughnut range with two limited-edition flavours – Lovely Lemon and Cookie Crush.

Capitalising on the popularity of cookies as decorations in sweet bakery, the Cookie Crush doughnut is made with chocolate dough filled with vanilla flavouring and topped with a white glaze and cookie pieces. The Lovely Lemon variant, meanwhile, has what Dawn describes as an all-natural fruit filling topped with a white glaze and yellow sprinkles to add texture.

Available in packs of three trays of 12, the products have been designed to give bakers and caterers a convenient way to tap into the trend for premiumisation in doughnuts, according to Dawn Foods.

“Today’s consumers are demanding more indulgence, more textual combinations and more product satisfaction, with younger consumers especially attracted to impulse purchase by innovative products that surprise with new flavour combinations and a sense of fun,” said Dawn’s marketing manager UK and Ireland Jacqui Passmore.

The doughnuts thaw in an hour and join the other products in Dawn’s premium doughnut range:

  • Caramel-Lace – coated in vanilla icing and caramel sauce, with a gooey caramel inside
  • Strawberry Sprinkle – filled with strawberry jam, and coated in strawberry icing and multi-coloured sprinkles
  • Chocca-Nut – featuring a hazelnut topping, sprinkled with chopped nuts, and a smooth hazelnut sauce inside
  • Cinn-Apple - with crunchy cinnamon sugar and a fruity apple filling
  • Triple-Choc - with a chocolate sauce filling and cocoa topping with sprinkles

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