Bakery ingredients producer Dawn Foods has added two new natural flavour fillings to its Delifruit Fruit Fillings range.

Very Berry and Exotic are the latest additions to the range, which has been relaunched to make it easier for bakers to choose the product that best suits their budget and requirements.

Very Berry is a combination of redcurrants, raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and lingonberries, and is suitable for products as diverse as pies and cheesecakes. Exotic is made up of mango, passion fruit and pineapple.

Dawn’s Delifruit Classic fillings typically have a 58-70% real fruit content, preserved for extended shelf-life with some (such as Very Berry) including whole fruit.

Bake/freeze and thaw stable, all the products in the Delifruit range can be used straight from the bucket or tin for use in cakes, desserts, sweet pastries, pies and mousses.

Fruit content

Also in the Dawn Delifruit range are Delifruit Xtra and Delifruit Daily. A premium product with 90% fruit content, Delifruit Xtra includes freshly peeled sliced or diced Belgian Jonagold apples with fresh fruit compote as the binding agent in 11kg buckets.

Delifruit Daily is an everyday range of fruit fillings with up to 50% fruit content, delivering the same taste but with a lower fruit content. As well as favourites such as strawberry, apple and lemon, the Delifruit range includes fruits of the forest, dark cherry, and orange fillings.

Dawn’s Delifruit Fruit Fillings range includes fruits sourced from accredited and controlled fruit processors.