Bakery ingredients producer Dawn Foods has launched three ready-to-use cream fillings, ideal for layering, filling or topping patisserie, desserts, doughnuts, cakes and muffins.

The three-strong Delicreams range includes Lemon, Pifkein Caramel and San Felipe Chocolate.

Lemon features natural flavours and could be used as a filling for lemon tarts or meringues, or to give new twists on traditional patisserie such as lemon meringue eclairs.

Pikfein Caramel would make an indulgent centre for tarts and pastries, while San Felipe Chocolate, with 40% real chocolate, would make a luxurious filling for a range of desserts such as chocolate tarts and dessert pots.

Dawn Delicreams can be heated slightly to 32°C to increase fluidity and ease of application (particularly useful for when pouring into tart cases). For a light filling, ideal for cream horns or layering gateaux, bakers need simply to add around 25% vegetable fat to the Delicream base.

Freeze-thaw stable, Pikfein Caramel Delicream is available in 5kg pails, while Lemon and San Felipe Chocolate come in 6kg pails.

Last month Dawn announced that its National American Sweet Bakery Week is back for a third year.