Doncaster-based bakery Toppings Pies has donated 1,400 pies and quiches to the Thorne & Moorends Community hub, which offers food and support to those suffering from food poverty.

A range of products, including Huntsman, Yorkshire Farmers and Hoop pork pies and two varieties of handcrafted quiche, have been given to vulnerable people and those in need as part of the bakery’s programme of community involvement and charitable support.

The bakery is about to enter an extension to remove some of its products from its freezers and, instead of selling them on, it decided to support charities and have more community involvement by donating to the food bank.

Toppings Pies press officer Andrea McKenzie told British Baker: “One of the colleagues from our team knew one of the volunteers at the food bank, so it was an obvious choice to donate to the food bank.”

She added: “I had an email from the food bank organiser, who mentioned that a young girl who regularly visited the food bank was given one of our quiches. Initially she was reluctant to eat and had an extremely poor diet, but she ate our quiche with relish and we received a large amount of praise. Our product helped improve her diet and that was quite heartwarming to read.”

McKenzie felt that other bakeries should follow Toppings’ example to help out vulnerable people who struggle in life.

“It would be great for other bakeries to donate products to the food banks because they are popping up quite a lot. There is a real need to help vulnerable people in the community.”

Toppings Pies, a family-run company, was originally set up as a butcher’s shop, and has been in business in Doncaster for the past 50 years. It has indicated that it will continue to help charities and giving back to the community.