Nottingham-based doughnut specialist Doughnotts has launched a 14-inch doughnut pizza.

The creation, priced at £40, resembles a pepperoni pizza cut into slices and serves up to 15 people.

It features seven vanilla fudge doughnuts with a shortbread crumb, and is also available in a vegan-friendly version, which sees Biscoff biscuits used for the crust.

The doughnut pizzas are available to order online via Doughnotts’ website.

Doughnotts was founded by Megan Scaddan and Wade Smith in 2015. They now have stores in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby city centres.

Menu items include the Cookie Monster doughnut – covered in bright blue vanilla fudge icing and sprinkled with crushed cookies – the PB&J, featuring homemade peanut butter, as well as the Weekend Billionaire, which is dipped in chocolate fudge complete with a shortbread crumb and salted toffee centre.

And, in celebration of Veganuary 2019, the brand created The Doughbergine and Avocadough designed respectively to look like an aubergine and avocado.