Cupcake bakery chain Fancie sold out of 350 Easter-themed ’special’ cupcakes, which contained a whole Cadbury’s Mini Creme Egg inside, in the first hour of business last Saturday (31 March).

The Sheffield-based bakery had created the cupcakes, priced individually at £2.50, by freezing the Creme Egg and inserting it into the cupcake a couple of minutes after cooling. Fancie, which normally produce 60 ‘special’ cupcakes per day, saw all Creme Egg cupcakes purchased by 10am, and sold out an additional 350 cupcakes in the first hour of business on the following day (1 April).

Amanda Perry, owner of Fancie, told British Baker: “Since creating the Creme Egg special last year, we’ve had a huge demand and it has been eagerly anticipated. We wanted to develop something a bit different for the traditional Easter market – it’s the Holy Grail of cupcakes.

“We have also created a Baby Giant Easter Cupcake, which contains a normal-sized Creme Egg inside and is suitable for two people – we already have more than 70 orders for this. It has been a crazy period but we’re so lucky. I will never moan about being busy ever again.”