The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has applauded a reduction in food waste, but says there is more to do.

Responding to WRAP’s Household Food and Drink Waste in the UK 2012 report, Andrew Kuyk, FDF’s sustainability director, said that while “substantial progress is being made”, we all “have a lot more to do”.

The report shows that the level of avoidable food waste in UK households has fallen by 21% over the last five years. According to the company, this has saved UK consumers almost £13bn.

It does, however, reveal that the average UK household still throws away the equivalent of six meals every week, at a cost of almost £60 per month.

According to the report, just under half of avoidable food and drink waste, worth £5.6bn, was classified as ‘not used in time’. This included large amounts of bread, milk and potatoes.

Findings were based on detailed measurements of the weight and types of food and drink waste from approximately 1,800 consenting households, a week-long food and drink diary involving 950 households and a synthesis of waste data from more than 80 local authorities.

To help consumers throw away less food, FDF has focussed on packaging design, as well as providing information about product storage and use.

FDF has also collaborated in developing WRAP’s consumer awareness campaign Fresher for Longer, and supports their Love Food Hate Waste campaign, launched in 2007.

Kuyk said: “We are delighted to hear the good news that UK households are heeding the message on food waste. Throwing away uneaten food is an avoidable and expensive form of waste, for the environment and for consumers themselves.”

“As manufacturers, we want our products to be used and enjoyed. We are strong supporters of WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign and helped develop its Fresher for Longer initiative. We are working hard with retailers and other supply chain partners to do what we can – substantial progress is being made, but we all have a lot more to do.”