2 Sisters-owned Gunstones Bakery and Fox’s Biscuits have given food to charity Fareshare to support children from deprived backgrounds during the summer holidays.

Fox’s has donated five tonnes of biscuits while Gunstones Bakery has given 12,000 hot cross buns, which were surplus stock and had been kept frozen since Easter.

Colin Smith, managing director at Fox’s Biscuits, said the school holidays should be an enjoyable and happy experience for all children.

“I think it’s fantastic that we’re able to support this exciting initiative so children don’t go hungry, have the opportunity to come together and get to participate in a fun holiday activity,” said Smith.

“If you’re growing up in a low-income family, the school holidays can be a difficult time. Regrettably, some of the UK’s poorer families struggle to afford food during the holidays and children are at risk of hunger, inactivity and isolation.”

The donation is part of a nationwide scheme called the Fit and Fed project, which was launched by Prince Harry this summer, and provides free sports sessions and lunches and snacks to disadvantaged children over the summer.

Fareshare said it was thrilled that 2 Sisters is taking the holiday hunger issue seriously by donating or diverting surplus food.