Bridor has added four new products to its Frédéric Lalos bread range.

Lalos, who was awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1997, has worked with Bridor for the past nine years.

The loaves are described as having a rustic appearance, and Bridor said they benefited from the company’s shaping technique that added strength to the dough’s overall structure while ensuring a soft, honeycomb texture.

The doughs were worked with a higher moisture level and long fermentation periods to deliver intense taste, and complex shapes and finishes, added Bridor.

The four new products are:

  • Pochon Loaf 280g: made using the original pochon recipe, but in a reduced size, this loaf features a flavoursome buckwheat sourdough, and is folded by hand for a rustic look.
  • Multigrain Loaf 280g: made with a cereal sourdough, this loaf contains a blend of sunflower, sesame, yellow and brown flax seeds and malted wheat flakes.
  • Lutécine Baguette 280g: this baguette takes its name from the ancient Roman name for Paris – Lutèce (or Lutetia). To achieve a honeycomb texture and crisp exterior it’s made from sourdough, wheat flour and durum wheat flour, which gives the flavour, texture and aroma associated with a traditional Parisian baguette, according to Bridor.
  • Cereal Lutécine Baguette 280g: Lalos proposed a baguette made with wheat flour and sourdough rich in seeds (white sesame, yellow flax, brown flax, malted wheat flakes and sunflower seeds), characterised by its tender centre and its seed taste.

Established in 1988, Bridor has 2,500 employees and operates 10 production sites globally.