Grupo Bimbo, the world’s largest bakery business, has revealed big plans for expansion into the UK.

The Mexico-based company, which owns UK bagel supplier New York Bakery Co, is set to bring a number of its brands to this country over the next five years.

Its UK push kicked off this week with the roll-out of Sanissimo Salmas Mexican-style corn crackers to Sainsbury’s stores.

Each cracker contains ancient grains and is char-baked over an open flame to give a crunchy texture and a tortilla chip taste with a smoky, charred finish, said the supplier.

With a recommended retail price of £1.59 for a 144g box, they are available in two flavours: Original and Chia & Flax. Both are suitable for savoury or sweet toppings, are vegan-friendly, and made without any added sugar, additives, artificial colours or flavours.

Original is described as having a “classic tortilla chip-style flavour with a touch of salt”, while Chia & Flax has a slightly more toasted flavour. Original contains 65 calories in three crackers, while Chia & Flax contains 70 calories.

“Snacking and light meals should not require a compromise between health and taste,” said Grupo Bimbo Brands marketing head Kate Haskins. “Consumers are demanding more from the sector.”

“We are delivering our very own fresh take on that with Salmas and, in a category that’s about frequency, the great taste and low-calorie combination will suit the snacking adventurer very well.”

Grupo Bimbo said it expected the launch to shake up the UK snacking scene, and was backing the roll-out with a six-figure marketing campaign, including advertising, sampling, PR and a digital influencer campaign.

The company then planned to ramp up its presence further, added Haskins.

“Sanissimo is the first of several new brands that Grupo Bimbo is bringing to UK grocery over the next five years – all as part of our mission to put delicious, nutritious baked goods and snacks in the hands of all.”

Founded in 1943 in Mexico, Grupo Bimbo boasts annual global sales of more than $15bn, with five of its brands worth more than $1bn each. It has a presence in 32 countries across the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.