Bakery giant Hovis has added a new premium Farmhouse range to its portfolio.

By adding the range, the company hopes to attract consumers who buy only farmhouse-style loaves, according to Sharon Barraclough, Hovis marketing director.

The new line includes soft white and wholemeal variants, retailing for £1.40 for an 800g loaf, and follows the May overhaul of the Hovis everyday bread offering with new recipes and refreshed pack designs.

Barraclough said brand research had provided “robust insight” into how to deliver the “fresh bread aroma and soft, springy texture” of a farmhouse loaf desired by “a distinct group of loyal shoppers”.

She added: “It is important we are also catering for the latent love that is strong for white bread. Our expert bakers have been able to create their best-ever white farmhouse loaf, [making it] softer and
bringing a real fresh bread aroma and taste.”

Last month KLBD, a global kosher certification authority, announced that Hovis had chosen to become kosher-certified.