Hovis is introducing new on-pack labelling designed to increase the amount of bread bags being recycled.

From October, the brand will be rolling out clearer recycling labels and back-of-pack instructions encouraging consumers to dispose of their bread bags at plastic bag collection points, which are available at most major retailers’ stores.

The labelling also clearly states that bread is suitable for freezing, to encourage less consumer food waste.

The brand will also be introducing a large recycling logo on the front of the bread bags, which states “this bag is 100% recyclable”.

Currently, bread bags can be recycled alongside carrier bags, with collection points at supermarkets across the country.

“Hovis research found that a third (31%) of people continue to find recycling difficult as they are unsure of what they can recycle. To do our part to change this, our aim is to encourage and educate consumers to dispose of their bread bags correctly via collection points at most major retailers’ stores,” said Ceri Packard, senior brand manager at Hovis.

“Hovis bread bags are easy to recycle and we are keen to see more people joining us in this initiative.”

The move is part of Hovis’ wider commitment to operating in a sustainable manner. It has already installed more efficient route planning, become a signatory of the Climate Change Levy 2017 and the Courtauld Commitment 2025, as well as working with Zero Waste Scotland to develop a project on waste mapping for its Glasgow bakery.

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