Kara, the foodservice brand of the Finsbury Food Group, has launched two new sliced bloomers.

The bloomer range now includes a pre-sliced sourdough bloomer, and a multi-seeded bloomer containing linseeds, sunflower, millet and pumpkin seeds.

As part of the launch, Kara will be re-introducing its existing bloomer range with new menu ideas. The launch is in response to key market trends showing a rise in social brunches.

“With the rise of popularity in both breakfast and brunch eating occasions we have developed these two new quality bloomer breads, perfect for toasts, open sandwiches or breakfast,” said Jane Deegan, marketing manager for Kara.

“The sourdough bloomer offers a great sour flavour, an ever popular increasing menu offering within foodservice. With breakfast set to be a big trend in 2017 and now with blurring meal times, many outlets now offer the popular all-day breakfast. The two new bloomers are a great addition to the Kara range, easily allowing customers to invigorate their menus and maximise their sales.”

In March 2017, Kara launched a gourmet sliced chicken bun as part of its developing brioche range.