Cornish pasty manufacturer Proper Cornish has launched a lower-fat pasty aimed at providing great-tasting, nutritional foods as part of a more balanced diet. 

The new lower-fat steak pasty “provides an ideal meal”, according to the company: “It delivers a hearty and flavoursome balance of meat and vegetables in a convenient hand-held solution, aiming to ensure health-conscious consumers are still able to enjoy the pasty, and the nutrition it offers. “

The traditional pasty contains fresh vegetables mixed with diced beef, encased in a hand-crimped pastry case. The vegetables absorb the meat juices, giving an overall meaty flavour, with sweet onion and swede notes and dominant peppery overtones. The product is supplied frozen in packs of 60, weighing 120 grams each.

The steak pasty is in the lower end of the recommended target for sugar from carbohydrates (1.9g per 100g against a target of less than five) and in the medium range for fat (12.4g per 100g against a target of less than 17.5g) and salt (0.5g per 100 against a target of less than 1.5g) content. This means the reduced fat and salt pasty boasts a reduction in fat of 1.7g and in salt of 0.37g per 100g from Proper Cornish’s standard steak pasty recipe.

Mark Muncey, group marketing director of Proper Cornish, said: “We are pleased to be able to demonstrate our expertise in the catering industry by launching our lower-fat pasty. It is so important to encourage wholesome, great tasting foods and the pasty offers a healthier alternative to the foodservice industry.”

In August Proper Cornish launched a new Pasty Society campaign.