Mademoiselle Desserts has released five round cakes in a range of flavours.

The French business, which was acquired by IK Investment Partners last year, said the range had been designed to have an instant impact of ‘indulgence and grandeur’.

The line-up includes:

  • White Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge cake: three layers of chocolate sponge striped with salted caramel fudge and white chocolate fudge, finished with more white chocolate fudge and topped with a caramel pool which, when defrosted, drips down.
  • Hibiscus & Blood Orange cake: three blood orange flavoured sponges layered with vanilla frosting and hibiscus sauce, covered with white and pink vanilla frosting.
  • Lemon & Elderflower cake: three layers of lemon sponge, sandwiched with elderflower frosting and elderflower sauce. Finished with a semi-naked covering of elderflower frosting scattered with a mixture of dried flower petals.
  • Pink Lemonade cake: two raspberry-pink sponges sandwiching one tinted vanilla sponge, layered and masked with zingy lemon frosting. Covered on the side with pink raspberry sponge crumb and topped with freeze-dried raspberries and popping candy.
  • Peach Melba cake: three vanilla sponges stacked with layers of raspberry frosting and peach compote, covered with more raspberry frosting for a semi naked finish and sprinkled with flakes of roasted almond and white chocolate and raspberry discs.

Each cake is inspired by a previous or emerging trend. The Hibiscus & Blood Orange cake, for example, takes on the emerging trend for botanicals, while the Lemon & Elderflower cake is influenced by last year’s Royal wedding cake.

The Pink Lemonade cake is inspired by the drink flavours in cakes trend as well as the growing popularity of pink drinks, such as pink gin. The Peach Melba cake represents the resurgence of profiles from the ’80s and ’90s and is driven by nostalgia.

Mademoiselle Desserts has also unveiled a new gluten-free flapjack under it’s The Handmade Cake Company business. The product is made with rolled and jumbo oats and golden syrup and meets the 20% sugar reduction target set by the government in 2016. It is also licensed by Coeliac UK. The launch follows the addition of a vegan Orange & Apricot slice in October.