United Biscuits (UB) has revealed its festive cake and biscuit line-up under its McVitie’s brand. 

Its Chocolate Digestives will grace the cake aisle for the first time this Christmas with new Christmas slices. They come individually wrapped in two flavours – chocolate and orange and chocolate and mint (RSP £1 per six-slice pack).

McVitie’s Jaffa Cake Bars have also undergone a makeover with an orange and cranberry version to be available this festive season. The sponge bars will sport new packaging and a layer of orange and cranberry jam.

The McVitie’s Victoria biscuits line is being extended with Victoria Sapphire – a selection of foil-wrapped shortcake and cream biscuits in milk, white and dark chocolate (385g, RSP £6.50).

The McVitie’s Victoria assortment will now be available in three sizes as the brand brings a 100g size (RSP £1) into play aimed at the impulse market.

Returning this year are Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses (RSP £1); Penguin Yule Logs (RSP £1); McVitie’s Victoria assortment (RSP £8 for 650g and £5 for 300g); McVitie’s Family Circle (RISP £6 for 720g and £3 for 360g); McVitie’s Festive Faces (£1 for 245g); Jaffa Pole – the yard of Jaffa Cakes (RSP £6 for 600g); and a variety of Jacob’s crackers.

A new packaging design for Jaffa Pole includes fun on-pack messages, such as ‘Brussels Sprouts Not Included’. Jaffa Pole, Family Circle and Victoria products can be personalised when ordered through the online McVitie’s Sweeet Shop.