Morrisons has combined two of Britain’s favourite foods to create the Yorkshire pudding pizza.

It comprises a crispy Yorkshire pudding base – made in Doncaster, South Yorkshire – with a filling of tomato sauce and mozzarella. It costs £3 and is available in two flavours: Classic Pepperoni and Meat Feast which features mini meatballs, pepperoni, spicy beef and jalapeños.

The Yorkshire pudding pizza was rolled out ahead of Yorkshire Pudding Day on Saturday 3 February in 491 stores and is available until 20 February.

“Everyone loves Yorkshire pudding and everyone loves pizza, so we have combined the two to create the ultimate comfort food," said Jenny Dixon, Yorkshire pudding expert at Morrisons. “The crust is made the same way as a typical Yorkshire pudding and is topped the same way as one of our pizzas. We’re looking forward to hearing what customers think, but we hope that they’ll love it.”

Although traditional British fare, Yorkshire puddings are gaining popularity on the street food scene with the likes of Yorkshire pudding burritos and roast dinner wraps.