North Yorkshire ingredients manufacturer Pecan Deluxe Candy has launched Cheesecake Pieces targeted at the bakery and dessert sectors.

Supplied frozen, Cheesecake Pieces are created from “completely natural, clean-label ingredients and provide new flavour and texture opportunities across multiple applications”, according to Pecan Deluxe.

The company said the pieces work well in conjunction with other ingredients, such as biscuit pieces and sauces. It also said it can blend a biscuit crumb into the pieces on request, to make a miniature cheesecake bite.

Pecan Deluxe said in a statement: “The cheesecake pieces also perform well in numerous bakery applications, adding a whole new taste and texture dimension to items such as brownies, muffins and cookies. 

“Pastry and bread-style products like turnovers or Danish pastries would be great partners too.”

Supplied in bulk, the pieces are manufactured to order so almost any flavour can be specified, with fruit flavours such as lemon or raspberry expected to be popular.

Pecan Deluxe Europe research & development director Liz Jones said: “In the furore over shrinking portions in confectionery and other sectors, it’s easy to forget that what the consumer wants, above all else, is a delicious and satisfying food experience.

“The food industry is constantly crying out for innovative solutions that will satisfy the most discerning palate.”