California-based baking supplier Bellarise has developed an organic gluten substitute that it says can replace 25% to 50% of gluten used by bakers.

The powdered product is all-natural, non-GMO and certified organic, and it can be added to flour during dough preparation and mixing, according to Walt Postelwait, president of Pak Group, which owns Bellarise.

Organic vital wheat gluten can be expensive for bakers, Postelwait said. “Therefore we tapped into our advanced enzyme technology to develop an organic enzyme solution.”

Bellarise’s organic gluten replacer does not have additional health benefits, the company said, but in addition to strengthening the bread, it is also softer and has a longer shelf life.

“Our product will not replace the use of vital wheat gluten entirely, but it will provide product developers a new clean-label tool to strengthen their bread while reducing their overall cost footprint,” said Postelwait.

Bellarise is also in the final stages of developing a conventional gluten replacer ingredient, utilizing similar enzyme technology, which will allow bakers to replace 75% to 100% of the added gluten used in their bread formulas. The company hopes to launch this in the next few months.