A Guinness World Record has been broken for the world’s largest slab of rocky road.

‘Big food’ enthusiast Matthew Williams and development charity Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) joined forces to create the record-breaking piece, which included 96kg biscuits, 44kg butter,46kg marshmallows, 95kg chocolate, 23kg cherries and 36kg golden syrup.

The record-breaking rocky road slab weighed 334.23kg, was 3.1m long, 1m wide and 0.14m deep.

It was created to raise awareness of MAF’s humanitarian work across the developing world, highlighting how MAF aircraft reach isolated communities that are cut off by ‘rocky roads’ – or have no overland access at all.

The challenge took the seven-strong team two days to complete under the observation of independent witnesses, and meeting strict hygiene standards to achieve a Guinness World Record.

“The process took almost six months to plan, we had to think carefully about how to source the right tools, keep the preparation safe and set the mixture to the correct size and temperature so it could be weighed and then sold to the public,” said Matthew Williams.

“The previous rocky road record was held by an Australian chocolatier at 261kg, made by 16 people in a factory with professional equipment. It’s impressive that just six of us have broken that record in a field in England. It’s really exciting!”