Paul UK has teamed up with The Food Medic for a summer range, much of which is vegan

Artisan bakery Paul has partnered with Dr Hazel Wallace, also known as The Food Medic, to launch a summer range.

Called Feel Good Food, the range features open sandwiches, rolls, salads and grab-and-go breakfast pots, which have been developed in response to demand for more sustainable, plant-based and flexitarian options. Many of the items are suitable for a vegan diet.

It will be available in all Paul shops and via Uber Eats and Deliveroo from 20 July to 30 September.

“As our customers look to make food choices to support a healthier lifestyle, I’m really proud to be able to offer a truly versatile range, developed with the enthusiasm and creativity of such an experienced and respected doctor and nutritionist,” said Paul International executive chairman Maxime Holder.

The full range of sandwiches, which use Paul’s additive- and preservative-free artisan bread, are:

  • Strawberry and Banana Open Sandwich/Blueberry and Banana Open Sandwich (£3.25) – This vegan treat comprises a slice of multiseed bread, spread with a layer of almond butter with maple syrup, topped with either fresh banana and strawberries or banana and blueberries, and finished with a scattering of cacao nibs and mint. Available breakfast only.
  • Green Chickpea & Avocado Open Sandwich (£3.35) – This vegan savoury item consists of a slice of multiseed bread, topped with smashed avocado and green chickpeas, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, balsamic glaze, and a pinch of sea salt and basil. Available all day.
  • Smoked Salmon Open Sandwich (£4.55) – A slice of dark rye bread topped with a layer of cream cheese, hot smoked salmon, balsamic beetroot slices and wild rocket. Available from lunch onwards.
  • Mediterranean Open Sandwich (£4.45) – A slice of multiseed bread spread with a layer of coriander houmous, sun-blushed tomatoes, roasted courgettes and aubergine, diced feta and a scattering of basil. Available from lunch onwards.
  • Reuben Sandwich (£4.75) – A multiseed vegan sandwich filled with a black olive ‘veganaise’, sauerkraut, balsamic beetroot slices, vegan smoked Gouda cheese, grilled marinated carrot and wild rocket.
  • Jackfruit Sandwich (£4.65) – A multiseed vegan sandwich filled with BBQ jackfruit, batavia leaves, grilled red and yellow peppers, cornichons and ‘veganaise’.
  • Green Chickpea & Salmon Roll (£4.50) – A multiseed roll packed with hot-smoked salmon, smashed avocado and green chickpeas, cucumber and mayo.

Dr Wallace, who is a registered associate nutritionist and author, said: “Finding delicious, healthier alternatives for breakfast or lunch on-the-go isn’t always easy. This summer, I’ve worked closely with Paul to create high-quality products that reflect people’s growing interest in more sustainable, plant-focused and well-balanced eating options.”