Pastry supplier Pidy has launched a low-sided pastry case as part of its spring menu.

The low-sided quiche case is made from the company’s neutral pressed puffed pastry (rough-puff) with a thin base and sides.

Producers can use it to create lighter pastry-based dishes such as sweet tartlets or savoury quiches, suggested the company.

The case has been developed to provide the right pastry-to-filling ratio to suit lighter eating habits and heavy liquid fillings.

“Here at Pidy, it’s our utmost priority to lead the way in the pastry world and listen to exactly what our customers need. Pastry can be a very personal choice, which is why we continue introducing bespoke products that suit every need,” said Robert Whittle, managing director at Pidy UK.

“More consumers are opting for lighter options, but don’t want to miss out on their favourite pastry dishes.”

He added that the new quiche case has a slightly thinner texture, which makes it a lighter alternative to Pidy’s traditional pie and quiche cases.

The cases are pre-baked with a cooking time of 10-12-minutes once filled.