Following the introduction of Cronuts, DoCros and Duffins comes a new miniature bakery hybrid: Pie Pops.

The creation of Chicago-based pastry chef and blogger Carol Hilker, the sweet or savoury treats can be found in her book, Pie Pops (RRP £9.99).

Published by Ryland Peters, the book instructs on how to create “lollipop versions” of pies, including butterscotch pecan pie, coconut cream pie and traditional fruit pies. Other recipes include Boston cream pie pops, peanut butter and chocolate pies and ice-cream pies. 

Since the beginning of the Cronut craze this summer, a number of bakeries across the UK have been coming up with their own hybrid products, including Zeelandia’s Zeenut, Rinkoff’s Crodough and Greggs’ Greggsnut.