The Pork Farms Group will launch a new snack product at its Queen’s Drive site.

Due to be unveiled at the end of August, Bite Size Pork Pies contain lightly seasoned pork, baked in crispy pastry.

A pack of 10 will cost £1.99

Following significant investment in technology, the launch of the product comes after the expansion of the ‘mini mini’ pork pie category over the last four years.

To capitalise on the trend, the company has invested in bespoke manufacturing technology that allows the production of the mini pie product.

Chris Peters, managing director at Pork Farms, said: “With the growing trend for bite-size products and eating on the go, we thought it was a great opportunity to introduce a smaller version of the nation’s favourite pork pie. As with all of Pork Farms products, it is important that our bite-size pork pies are of the best quality possible.

“We have invested a significant amount of money in new technology at our Queen’s Drive site to ensure we are leading the way in this category.”