Adelie Foods has partnered with meat-alternative brand Quorn for a range of vegetarian sandwiches and wraps.

The manufacturer said the partnership would make it easier for shoppers to purchase convenient, healthy and sustainable meat-free options on-the-go.

The range includes four sandwiches and two wraps, containing a variety of Quorn fillings. It will be available across the out-of-home channel from 19 August with prices starting at £3.29.

The range comprises:

  • Vegetarian Chicken & Stuffing sandwich
  • Vegetarian Chicken Salad sandwich
  • Vegetarian Ploughman’s sandwich
  • Vegetarian Ham Salad sandwich
  • Sweet Chilli wrap
  • Caesar wrap

A recent YouGov poll commissioned by Quorn has found that 52% of consumers are reducing their meat consumption in some capacity and this is largely driven by a desire to live a healthier lifestyle. Growing awareness of eating a sustainable diet is also contributing to this change and looks set to increase as the impact of meat on the environment becomes better understood.

“The meat-free category is currently largely centred around planning meals at home, but our research has shown there’s a big demand for more meat substitutes and vegetarian options in the on-the-go channel. Our sandwiches and wraps performed brilliantly in consumer taste tests and we think our new range can increase awareness and sales for the lunchtime meat-free category,” said Andy Smith, director of business development at Quorn.

“Our research shows 73% of our consumers are not vegetarian, demonstrating an increase in flexitarian diets and people looking to reduce the amount of meat they consume. Our mission at Quorn is to create delicious, healthy and sustainable ways for customers to take a ‘less is better’ approach to meat consumption. This new collection will make buying a tasty meat-free option when on the move more accessible than before.”

David Guy, commercial director at Adelie Foods, added that Adelie was “delighted” to partner with Quorn to bring the NPD to market.

“Quorn is a signpost brand when it comes to meat free, so these products will be instantly recognisable, which will help to drive sales for the whole category, especially as more consumers consciously reduce their meat consumption,” said Guy.

Adelie Foods recently rebranded its Urban Eat range of products with new branding and flavours. The range now includes the Urban Eat Roots line – a selection of sandwiches and wraps approved by the Vegetarian Society.