A crusty French stick is the product most missed by gluten-free shoppers, according to a new survey.

Free-from brand Too Good To Be Gluten Free asked people who chose a gluten-free diet which foods they missed most. The results revealed that 28% of participants missed bread the most, while 15% longed for doughnuts and 14% missed cakes.

“I miss real crusty bread; the current gluten-free alternatives just aren’t a good replacement,” said one survey participant.

Another said, “it has to be bread above everything, crusty bread, baguettes, tiger loaf, the list is endless!”

The survey also found that 8% missed pasties and 4% missed pizzas.

The survey aimed to gain insight into what foods shoppers wanted to see created as gluten-free alternatives.

Sam Benjamin, brand manager at Too Good To Be Gluten Free, said it was great to understand what products gluten-free shoppers wanted to see on the shelves.

“It has been an overwhelming result for bread-lovers with a crusty French stick coming out as the most missed among other bread favourites,” said Benjamin.

“This is a great way for us to go back to the development team and begin talking about new creations for our product lines. Our research in the past has also revealed a strong demand for products like pies, pasties and pastry-based desserts.”

Statistics from Mintel revealed that 15% of British households are now gluten free and there is a huge demand for food producers to create gluten-free alternatives to some of Britain’s favourite foods.