Gluten-free brand Schär has unveiled seven new products including gluten-free flour and gluten-free waffles, which will be rolled out into UK supermarkets.

Available in Tesco and Waitrose, Schär will be making its debut into the UK bakery mix category with the introduction of 500g Mix It! Universal, which the brand has claimed is the first gluten-free all-purpose flour of its kind to launch in UK supermarkets, priced at £2.00.

Meanwhile, the brand has also launched the 100g four-pack Schär Waffles, which it has claimed are the first gluten-free waffles to launch in UK supermarkets.

The company has also released three new chocolate biscuit lines and a new High Fibre Crisp Bread into Asda and Waitrose stores. The biscuit products include: The Schär Chocolate O’s, Schär Luxury Chocolate Biscuits and Schär Luxury Chocolate Biscuits.

Bradley Grimshaw, UK managing director for Schär, said the company was delighted to be the first gluten-free brand to release its Mix It! Universal and waffles into UK supermarkets.

“The launch of the Mix It! Universal comes at a time when the UK bakery mix category is growing strongly year on year, and we are excited to be offering customers something completely new,” said Grimshaw.

“We are also pleased to extend our range to include the first-to-market gluten-free Schär Waffles, once again providing genuine innovation for our customers.”

The product launches are being supported by marketing activity through social media.