Soreen has expanded its range with Banana Loaf Bars, an individually wrapped snack-sized format of its Banana Malt Loaf.

The new Banana Loaf Bar is vegan-approved and contains 135 calories per bar, with 32% less sugar and 58% less fat than the average snack bar, Soreen said.

“The launch of this new flavour follows the success in sales and consumer demand of our Malt Loaf Bars, a healthy snack and source of energy that are widely available in meal deals, so are particularly favoured among our pre-family and millennial consumers as a tasty lunchtime treat,” said Bethan Brown, marketing director at Soreen.

“Given the rising popularity of the Soreen Malt Loaf Bar, this was our obvious flavour choice when making the decision to expand the range. Plus, we know how much banana, as a flavour, is loved among our Soreen fans.”

The Banana Loaf Bars are available exclusively at Tesco, priced at 70p per 42g bar.

Earlier this year, Soreen added the Seeds & More loaf to its range of morning goods.