Tesco has replaced its Everyday Value bread loaves with a new brand named after a historical London bakery.

The retailer has launched two 800g loaves – white and wholemeal – in packaging that states ‘First baked in 1872’ and ‘H.W. Nevills Quality Bakers’. A flash on the pack says ‘Exclusively at Tesco’.

It is understood the loaves are produced by Allied Bakeries as ABF Grains Limited, owner of Allied Bakeries, registered the trademark ‘HW Nevill’s’ last summer.

HW Nevill was once one of London’s largest bakeries.

According to Tesco’s website: “Back in 1872, Henry William Nevill founded his first bakery and started a proud baking tradition.”

“Almost 150 years later, our hero bakers take their craft just as seriously as Henry did. Using only quality ingredients, they work through the night to create delicious bakery favourites for the whole family to enjoy.”

Launched into Tesco stores nationwide last week, the HW Nevill’s loaves were priced at 40p for a limited time – 5p cheaper than the Everyday Value loaf had been sold. The price has now matched the Everyday Value bread.

 “We’re always looking at how we can offer our customers great-quality products at great value prices,” said a Tesco spokesperson.

“As part of this, a number of our Tesco products, including sliced bread, will be getting a new look and feel to complement their fantastic quality. We’ve also added to our range of brands with the introduction of HW Nevill’s bread.”

Allied Bakeries said: “We supply a range of bread and bakery products for a small number of UK supermarkets, as well as our branded loaves. We cannot comment in detail on any individual commercial arrangements.”