Free-from brand Too Good To Be Gluten Free has revealed the top 10 most annoying questions to ask coeliacs in its latest poll.

The brand’s poll asked consumers to submit the most annoying questions and comments directed at people who suffer from the disease.

Too Good’s top 10 are as follows:

1.            So how long have you got to eat like this for?

2.            Just try a little bit, don’t be awkward.

3.            Oh yeah, my friend decided he’s gluten-intolerant too.

4.            So you are on that fad diet everyone is on?

5.            Can’t you just pick out the bits you can’t have?

6.            The restaurant we are going to doesn’t seem to have anything gluten-free, so could you have your tea before you come?

7.            Are you a celeriac?

8.            Can’t you just have a little bit of gluten each day and then eventually you’ll be able to eat gluten again?

9.            Back in my day we didn’t have anything like that.

10.          It’s just brown bread isn’t it that you can’t eat?

Sam Benjamin (pictured above), brand manager for Too Good, said that despite the poll being a bit of fun, it raises awareness of the misconceptions around the disease.

“There is a view among many that being gluten-free is a fashionable fad, when actually it’s a serious medical condition,” Benjamin said. “From our research with our own customers, gluten-free Brits still struggle to get good free-from options in restaurants. Not only this, but gluten-free food in retail stores can often be bland and lacking in flavour.”

The brand recently unveiled its snack packs, which comprise a cocktail sausage pack and Mini Scotch egg pack, at Waitrose stores.