Nestlé has revealed plans to bring new variant KitKat Gold to the UK.

Already available in Russia, KitKat Gold is described as offering “a tasty combination of crispy wafer and smooth milk chocolate, topped with creamy white chocolate with sweet caramel notes”.

Arriving in the UK and Ireland “very soon”, according to Nestlé, the bar made its debut in 2018 in Australia and New Zealand, and was added to the permanent range following strong sales.

“People are constantly looking for new taste sensations when they treat themselves and others,” said Alexander von Maillot, Nestlé global head of confectionery.

“They also want chocolate that is visually appealing, so they can share it with friends and on social media. KitKat Gold has that special something.”

The launch of KitKat Gold has followed the development of variants including a ruby chocolate bar that launched in the UK in April 2018.

Last year, Nestlé unveiled KitKat Chocolatory, a service that enables consumers to visit the ‘Create Your Break’ online store and design an eight-finger KitKat from four types of chocolate and 14 ingredients. Nestlé said around 1,500 different flavour combinations could be produced.