Waitrose has launched 23 new products into its Good to Go range this week, alongside 18 improved lines as consumers’ demand for healthy food on-the-go grows.

The range, which is now available in stores, includes a vegetarian version of chia seed flatbread, as well as sandwich thins that are under 300 calories.

“We’ve reached the point now where almost half our range is suitable for vegetarians,” said Simona Cohen-Vida, part of the brand development and innovation team at Waitrose. “Eating well is a huge trend for our customers, it’s not about calorie control any more – it’s about fresh, nutritious, beautiful food with lots of colours.”

The retailer added that grains are hugely popular in breads and that it wanted to make its sandwiches one of consumers’ five a day.

“Grains are also hugely popular right now – in bread as well as salads,” said Michelle Gibbs, part of the team on the Good to Go sandwich range. “We’re using chia seeds in a couple of our wraps, and we’ve got grains going in our open sandwiches.”

Gibbs added that there was a large amount of attention being paid to diversifying the breads used in the sandwiches, such as bloomers and open flatbreads.

“We’ve also got our first vegan option,” said Gibbs. “It’s a Middle Eastern open flatbread with harissa chickpeas, baba ganoush, charred peppers, asparagus and micro-cress. It’s vegan but it hasn’t been compromised on taste.”

The full Waitrose Good to Go range includes:

  • Veggie Reuben;
  • Roast Chicken Salad Thin;
  • Halloumi & Roasted Pepper Chia Flatbread;
  • Brie & Bacon Sandwich with tomatoes, spinach and chilli relish on malted bread;
  • Roast Chicken With Celeriac Slaw on dark sourdough;
  • Egg Mayo With Charred Asparagus on rye and caraway seed loaf
  • Hay-Smoked Ham & Vintage Cheddar with apple and ale chutney on seeded malted bread.