Waitrose has launched a new food-to-go range, inspired by street food from across the globe.

The supermarket, part of the John Lewis Partnership, has taken inspiration from locations such as Jamaica, Turkey, Vietnam and Morocco to create a New World line of sandwiches, snacks, cakes and beverages.

The sandwiches, which go on sale on 15 August, include a Spanish chorizo frittata egg pancake (£3.00), a Turkish-style taouk chicken salad kebab (£2.60) and an Indian paneer and aloo tikka roti (£2.60) filled with cheese, potato and spiced peppers and suitable for vegetarians.

In addition a Vietnamese light baguette, called a Bánh mì (£3.00), has been created, which is filled with pulled pork, crunchy pickled vegetables, fresh coriander, a few drops of spicy chilli sauce and mayonnaise.

Sweeter options include a Portuguese cake (£0.80), an orange polenta cake (£1.00) originating from Tunisia, and a ginger and lime cake (£1.00) from the Middle East.

Other items available in Waitrose’s New World food-to-go range include Morrocan-style spiced chicken parcels (£1.80) and coconut water with pineapple and passionfruit (£1.10).