Falmouth-based bakery WC Rowe’s has baked what it claims is the world’s biggest Easter biscuit for an Asda store in Barnstaple.

The Easter biscuit has a 31-inch diameter and is 25 inches bigger than the regular sized product.

The bakery had initially made an enlarged Easter biscuit for the Asda store in Bodmin, at 26 inches, which broke the world record. However, a request for an even larger Easter biscuit from Asda’s Barnstaple outlet later on sparked competition between the stores.

“We got wind of the Easter biscuit world record being set by Bodmin and thought a bit of healthy competition couldn’t hurt,” Andy Felix, store manager at Barnstable, said.

“The Easter biscuit is very popular in this part of the country and we take our traditions very seriously, so obviously wanted the world biggest Easter biscuit title for ourselves. We couldn’t be happier that we’ve made the bigger biscuit – that’s just the way the cookie crumbles Asda Bodmin.”

Originating in the West Country, Easter biscuits are given as a gift on Easter Sunday and are made from flour, butter, egg yolk, baking powder and sugar.

“When we got the second call from Barnstaple we were just happy to be involved in another world record attempt,” said Jon Foster, national accounts manager at Rowe’s.

“Baking is in our blood, so we jumped at the chance to make another giant Easter biscuit. Our Easter biscuits are always popular at this time of year and we have a fantastic relationship with Asda - we first supplied Asda in 1992 at just one store and our relationship has grown and grown ever since.”

Rowe’s supplies to more than 100 Asda stores across the West Country, east coast of England and Cornwall.