Bakers, their suppliers and other industry experts offer advice on a range of topics.

Step it up at breakfast

“Operators should look to use tasty, premium options for their breakfast sandwiches. A pork, sage and red onion Cumberland sausage, with crispy, smoked bacon in a toasted English muffin, for example, is one way to appeal to diners. This can also be elevated to increase price points by adding hash browns, eggs or cheese.”

Jane Olney, commercial director, Kara

Cracking gluten free

“For gluten-free sweet bakery, consider developing products containing coconut, almond or hazelnut flour. These flours add texture, nutritional benefits and remain stable during the baking process. However, they are a little more delicate than wheat flour, so bakers may need to adjust formulations by adding binding agents, extra eggs or other ingredients.”

Tasneem Alonzo, joint managing director, EHL Ingredients

Bigger is better

“Adding all kinds of chocolate bars and sweets to a doughnut really gives it something extra. It not only doubles in size, it gets a flavour, texture and colour boost.”

Lara Thompson, chief doughnut designer, Doughnut Time

Ice, ice maybe

“The temperature of the mains water supply in this country is often too high for dough-making, especially in the warmer months. Even a chilled water supply may be inadequate and flaked ice may be added to control the final dough temperature.”

Stan Cauvain, co-founder, Baketran

All Ears

“The key to getting a good ear on a loaf is dropping the heat down and using loads of steam.”

Matt Townley, One Mile Bakery Hale