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Source: UK Flour Millers

The video series offers the public an insight into the various roles and operations within the milling industry

Trade body UK Flour Millers has created a dedicated video series designed to offer consumers a peek inside the sector’s operations and highlight the diverse range of careers available.

The videos, which are between two to five minutes in length each, are being drip fed on UK Flour Millers social media channels throughout the summer and into the beginning of harvest season. Alternatively, they can be viewed on the organisation’s YouTube channel.

Topics covered in the video series include food security, arrival at the mill, the milling process, sustainability, food heroes, and feeding the nation. Each video includes commentary from experts across the supply chain including technical managers, bakers, marketeers, hauliers, apprentices, human resources, and more.

For example, the ‘Not all wheats are equal’ video covers the basics of what wheat is, the characteristics of wheat varieties and groups, and why different end products need different flours with information provided by experts including Lewis Freeman from Dunns Bakery and Anna Perz from ADM Milling.

“These videos will help people better understand modern flour milling and its importance to our nation,” said UK Flour Millers chief executive officer, Alistair Gale.

“They’re valuable because they bring the key aspects into bite sized chunks, ideal for everyone in our time-poor world, be they students, food supply chain players, or politicians – even people already in flour milling can learn more,” he added.

The association represents the UK flour milling industry. It collates and shares the views of its members as well as working to raise the profile of the industry to the public.

“With a variety of topics covered in the video series, viewers can get a sense of how the flour milling industry operates. They’re also a great way to show how dedicated employees are within the sector. Everyone really cares about what they do, and that shines through in these videos,” said UK Flour Millers communication manager Liliane Baines.