Zeelandia, the bakery ingredients producer, has held a science workshop for students on bread.

Andrew Taylor, bakery and development specialist at Zeelandia, held the lesson with Level 2 bakery students at Brooklands College in Surrey.

Taylor put bread in the microwave to illustrate how the protein structure expands and sets within a loaf of bread.

The students were also given an insight into how the sensory characteristics change with the addition of various ingredients.

The workshop explained to students various bread production processes and ingredients relevant to their qualification, including both theory and practicals ranging from sourdough to the Chorleywood Bread Process.

Sue Haskell, bakery lecturer at Brooklands College, said: “The students were really enthused by the session and it was great for them to learn about the science behind the bread in a fun way.” 

Taylor also talked about his career to illustrate to the students the range of careers on offer within the baking industry.

He added:  “As a previous student of Brooklands College, it was fantastic to revisit and give something back to the college where my career in bakery began.”