Rickmansworth bakery Cinnamon Square has lost out on trade after flash flooding this week.

The 2014 Baking Industry Award (BIA) winner for innovation, said it lost a ‘few hundred pounds’ worth of trade, following heavy downpours throughout Wednesday (26 August).

The bakery was concerned nothing would be done to prevent future flooding issues, and said it has suffered numerous floods throughout the 10 years it had been open.

It said the flood water was about four inches deep in the shop, and meant customers could not get down the road to purchase goods.

Paul Barker, owner of the bakery, said: “We have been here 10 years and seen a few serious floods but then nothing happens afterwards to prevent it happening again. We have this issue all the time. It affects business and causes damages.”

Barker said that so far there had been no significant costly damage to the shop, but was concerned the laminate floor may start to come up if it kept flooding.

He continued: “The kids are on summer holidays so it’s a busy period for us. We probably lost a few hundred pounds in trade, as it might put people off coming in, and then we have to spend time mopping up and sorting things.”

A spokesperson from Hertfordshire County Council said that people affected by flooding should report incidents to the highways department at the council.

They said: “We will investigate all reports of flooding to see if there is anything that can be done to reduce the risk in the future.

“Residents should report any incidents of flooding or debris on the highway that they believe to be hazardous to us through our online fault reporting system.

“We would encourage members of the public to plan ahead for how to protect yourself and your property from flooding. There’s lots of advice and information on our website.

Cinnamon Square is known for it’s cinnamon buns, and won the 2014 BIA innovation award for its product The Orange. It has one shop on Church Street in Rickmansworth, and has been open since 2005.