The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has said “corrective actions” have been undertaken by gluten-free brand Genius following its product contamination crisis in June this year. 

A total of 25 products were recalled following the breach, including supermarket own-label products. Genius avoided any delistings over the contamination.

At the time, the brand issued a statement apologising to those consumers affected and stated the breach as having come from a non-gluten-free dry ingredient that should not have been on-site.

Investigations by the FSA and Foods Standards Scotland (FSS) have confirmed the cause.

A statement said: “Investigations by the FSA, FSS and Genius Foods identified that the cause of the incident was the use of a non-gluten-free dry ingredient, used in very small quantities, in gluten-free products.

“Corrective actions have since been implemented by the business to prevent similar incidents occurring in the future.”

FSS was involved in the investigation as the contamination occurred at Genius’ bakery in Bathgate, outside Edinburgh.