Chaucer Foods, a global ingredients producer, has spoken of its plans to expand into gluten-free bakery items by 2016.

The company told Food Manufacture that it planned to expand its premises in Hull, to launch a gluten-free business towards the end of this year.

Andy Ducker, chief executive of the firm, told the publication he expected the gluten free category to continue to rise in popularity, and would look into launching bread crumbs for sausage mixes and bread sprinkles for salad toppings- both gluten-free.

He estimated the development would cost between £300,000- £500,000. He also said the company was looking into technology which prevents the gluten-free products disintegrating.

The company has a freeze dried ingredients arm, as well as a bread products division and a premium snacks division.

Customers of the firm include Kellogg’s, Starbucks and Mondelez International.

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