Bakery students were feeling rightly celebratory at this year’s Alliance of Bakery Students and Trainees (ABST) conference, and British Baker was there to see the great and the good pick up their awards.

Results 2016

The Bakery Trainee Challenge
1st place: Jessica Dalton, University College Birmingham (UCB)
2nd place: Hannah Bradbury, UCB
3rd place: Emma Dransfield, Tameside

The Horton Trophy
1st place: Abigail Potts, Tameside
2nd place: Emily Hughes, UCB
3rd place: Chelsea Collins, UCB

The Founders Cup
1st place: UCB ‘A’ Squad: Jessica Dalton, Hannah Bradbury, Shanice Robinson, Kristian Hillis
2nd place: Blackpool & The Fylde College - Jessica Johnson, Georgina Onslow, Jasmine Holdich, Sarah Hewitt
3rd place: Cooplands - Christina Gibbons, Ashley McGowan, Andrew Shipley, Peter Denley
Best Battenberg: Jessica Dalton
Best Scones: Fern McKenzie Burdess
Best Bloomer: Amy Walker
Best Puff Pastry: Andrew Shipley

The President’s Cup
1st place: Will Leet, UCB
2nd place: Leandra Molina, UCB
3rd place: Shane Boylan Limerick

The Novice’s Cup

1st place: Amani Mohammed, UCB
2nd place: Emma Kelly, Sheffield
3rd place: Charlotte Ward, Tameside

The Blandy Cup
1st place: Jessica Powell, Cooplands
2nd place: Joy-Cee Cabigao, Leeds
3rd place: Cliff Fernandes, Leeds

The Celebration Cupcake Challenge
1st place: Gemma Lee, Liverpool
2nd place: Shanien Hartley, Leeds
3rd place: Saima Khan, Leeds

Slattery Trophy
1st place: Rebecca Hole, National Bakery School (NBS)
2nd place: Hayley Parker, NBS
3rd place: Jessica Dalton, UCB

The Renshaw Decorative Class
1st place: Julie Fowler, Cooplands
2nd place: Abbie Llewellyn, Neath
3rd place: Holly Buckle, Neath

Carved Novelty Cake Class
1st place: Julie Fowler, Cooplands
2nd place: Bethany Swift, UCB
3rd place: Nicola Hill, Cooplands

The Goldex Cup
1st place: Nicola Hill, Cooplands
2nd place: Isabella Calmiano, UCB

The Devon Rose Bowl
1st place: Emma Cunningham, Limerick
2nd place: Colm Cantilon, Limerick
3rd place: Ann Bollard, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)

Callebaut Chocolates
1st place: Rebecca Hole, NBS
2nd place: Jaye Jones, Tameside
3rd place: Lindsey Gallagher, UCB

Shortbread Class
1st place: Sonia Hopkins, UCB
2nd place: Andrew Shipley, Cooplands
3rd place: Shanice Robinson, UCB

Best Overall Confectionery Item: Julie Fowler, Cooplands

Rank Hovis Cup
Overall Combined Winner: Georgina Onslow
1st place Granary: Edgar Dergacevs
2nd place Granary: Tegan Heath
3rd place Granary: Kirstie Hilton

1st place Originals:, Georgina Onslow
2nd place Originals: William Bowen
3rd place Originals: Abigail Potts

The Masters Cup
1st place: Emily Hughes, UCB
2nd place: William Bowen, UCB
3rd place: Sonja McDermott, Blackpool
Best Plait: Emily Hughes
Best Coburg: Niamh McCarthy
Best Wholemeal Tin: William Bowen

The British Society of Baking Trophy
1st place: Kristian Hillis, UCB
2nd place: Emma Cunningham, Limerick
3rd place: Colm Cantilon, Limerick

The Sourdough Challenge Trophy
1st place: Nara Park, DIT
2nd place: Leandra Molina, UCB
3rd place: Sinead Sweetman, DIT

The Warburtons Challenge Trophy
1st place: Peter Denley, Cooplands
2nd place: Sonia Hopkins, UCB
3rd place: Jennifer Palmer, Cooplands

The Mandy Mansell Trophy
1st place: Sonia Hopkins, UCB
2nd place: Rebecca Turvey, UCB
3rd place: Amani Mohammed, UCB

Best Overall Fermented Product: Rebecca Turvey, UCB

The British Bakels Award
1st place: Hannah Jarrett, Sheffield
2nd place: Aneese Iqbal, Tameside
3rd place: Rebecca Matthews, Belfast

The Innovation Trophy
1st place: Katrina Gaunt, UCB
2nd place: Andrew Shipley, Cooplands
3rd place: Watanya Thakaepun, UCB

The 3D Dough Art Display
1st place: Roxana Szabo, Limerick
2nd place: Jordan Corder, Sheffield
3rd place: Alison Brown, Sheffield

The Victory Challenge Trophy (Live)
1st place: Rebecca Hole, NBS
2nd place: Abigail Potts, Tameside
3rd place: Katrina Gaunt, UCB

The IBB Piping Trophy (Live)
1st place: Nicola Hill, Cooplands
2nd place: Katy Marsden, Tameside
3rd place: Sarah Clifton, NBS

Marzipan Modelling (Live)
1st place: Olivia Clark Young, NBS
2nd place: Emma Maxwell, Liverpool
3rd place: Rachel Dyson, Tameside

The Wrights Trophy (Live)
1st place: Connor Scott, UCB
2nd place: Kirsty Day, UCB
3rd place: Albert Dowie, Limerick