Musician and cheesemaker Alex James has joined United Biscuits (UB)-owned Jacob’s as chief taste curator for a new lunchtime campaign.

The aim of the partnership is to inspire the nation to re-think lunchtime. The campaign, titled #CRACKINdiscoveries, will see James discovering new flavour combinations with Jacob’s Crackers and coming up with new recipes, “to enable people across the UK to taste a new type of lunch with added variety, flavour and fun”.

The national average lunch break is 15 minutes or less, according to research commissioned by Jacob’s. One in three of those surveyed claimed to be bored of sandwiches. The research also showed that 55% of British people are “hungry for more variety and inspiration at lunchtime”, the company said.

Four in ten typically eat at their desk when it comes to lunch at work, and the survey also found that more than half (55%) are seeking new and tasty ideas. Nearly two-thirds (61%) want a lunch that is quick and easy to prepare, and 58% want something budget-friendly.

James will use kitchen-cupboard staples, as well as fresh, seasonal produce to celebrate the best of British, while ensuring all recipes are accessible, budget-friendly and easy to prepare.

James said: “I’m fired up and ready to go, and can’t wait to share some of the mouth-watering creations I’ve been creating with Jacob’s, using produce from my farm as well as some of my own cheeses. They’re all about simplicity and convenience, but are still packed full of flavour, and importantly, fun. Here’s to a cracking year!”

‎Jacob’s Savoury marketing director, Ted Linehan, added: “We want to show that there is an alternative to the age-old sandwich, and Alex felt like the perfect fit as a partner to help us do this.”

#CRACKINdiscoveries follows Jacob’s £15m CRACKIN’ advertising campaign earlier this year, which was built on the core insight that even the smallest of snacks can deliver big satisfaction, something the new partnership will continue to bring to life for consumers.