Ingredients supplier Edme has announced that its apprentice Luke Nesbitt will be the company’s new food technologist.

Nesbitt, who has served two years at Edme as an apprentice in its lab, will create and test new products, such as mixes and blends.

Joining the company with little knowledge of the food industry, he quickly learned the science of food production and how to apply it.

“It’s great to have found something I’m good at,” said Nesbitt. “I’m very happy that I took the opportunity when it came to me. Of course I’m always looking to learn more, but I’m excited to be in a place where I feel like a valuable member of the team.”

Edme said that it was keen to take on ambitious, talented apprentices and Nesbitt was an example of the successes that apprentices can achieve.

“We’re proof that taking on apprentices isn’t an act of charity,” said Edme sales director Mike Carr. “With the right aptitudes and attitudes from them and the right training from us, talented apprentices can quickly become crucial members of the team. We’re happy to see Luke moving up in the team, and hope more will join him in the future.”

Nesbitt was among the apprentices whom Edme praised as part of National Apprentice Week from 6-10 March.