A recent five-day study tour organised by Brook Food Processing Equipment in association with Scottish Bakers took 10 bakers to Italy to see local bakers and manufacturers.

The group watched demonstrations, trialled products and equipment, and visited a bakery, flour mill and equipment production facilities, as part of the annual research tour last month.

According to Brook Food, Northern Italy is renowned for its bakery equipment companies, many of which are family owned and have been long established. The trip saw delegates have a tour of the Polin factories, which are centred in Verona.

The delegates included representatives from various sizes of businesses in Scotland, who are all members of Scottish Bakers.

Garry Borthwick of Ashers Bakery in Nairn, who was one of the delegates on the trip, said: “This trip was a look into modern Italy with Polin, who are at the forefront of producing some innovative but practical equipment for all parts of the bakery industry.”

Another attendee, Graeme Ford of The Premium Bakery in Loanhead, said: “The quality of handcrafted traditional breads being produced was a highlight of the trip.”