Lancashire-based family bakers Sheldon’s has added black-and-white family portraits to their packaging, to highlight the company’s 70-year history. 

Black-and-white family photos celebrating nearly 70 years of heritage will adorn Sheldon’s signature Lancashire oven bottom muffins, wholemeal rolls and a new range of hot dog rolls.

The new look was put together by The Market Creative design company, and the redesigned packs will appear in supermarkets “over the coming weeks”, according to Sheldon’s.

Sue Benson, managing director at The Market Creative, said: “Heritage, provenance and charm are essential to success in this category. Sheldon’s has all three in spades but this wasn’t reflected in their packaging.

“We’ve redesigned the packs to take them back to their roots in recognition of everything that people love most about them.”

Sarah Sheldon, director at Sheldon’s, said: “Our family heritage is at the heart of everything we do, so it made sense to recapture this idea on our packs.”

Last year, Sheldon’s set its sights on a 27% sales increase over the course of the year, after relaunching the brand.