Moditions, the Ballymena-based gluten-free bakery has signed a deal worth an estimated £220,000 with Tesco Northern Ireland.

Moditions, based in Galgorm, Ballymena, is supplying its range of gluten-free bakes to an initial 15 stores across Northern Ireland, just two years after launching.

The range was created by Moditions’ founder Christine Shaw, as she endeavoured to create great-tasting gluten-free treats for her coeliac husband, based on old family favourite recipes from his childhood.

The range includes the Great Taste Award-winning gluten-free coffee cake, gluten-free jam & coconut cake, gluten-free sticky tea loaf and gluten-free Irish soda bread mix.

Shaw said: “All of the recipes are simply old, traditional favourites, tweaked and altered ever so slightly to make them coeliac-friendly.

“We source all ingredients locally where possible, and make our own jams on-site. We use only fresh free-range eggs and to keep saturated fat low, and use rapeseed oil instead of butter or margarine.”