Ninety-one bakers and their associates from across the south west swapped dough for haute cuisine as they gathered for the first time in 12 years.

The meeting, organised by the Western Region Craft Bakers Association (CBA), included representatives from local bakeries including Cornwall-based Martin’s, The Chough Bakery and Warrens; Oliver’s, and Friary Mill of Devon; Cottage Loaf of Somerset; Williams, and Belinda’s of Dorset; and Marshall’s and Reeve’s, both from Wiltshire.

Attending from the Western Region CBA were David Bosley, Jackie Tree, (treasurer) Jon Castle (secretary), Mary Castle, Peter Ellis (president elect), Ruth Ellis and current president Stuart Hawkins, with fiancé Rachel Campbell.

Western region president Stuart Hawkins said: “As bakers we work through the night and morning to make sure our customers get their bread fresh to start their days. So this weekend was a wonderful chance to relax and enjoy some good times together by the lovely Helford River.”

“I don’t know how any bakers can survive in this day and age without the backing of the Craft Bakers Association,” he added. “After the success of this weekend, we’re very much hoping to make it a yearly fixture.”

At its annual conference last summer, the CBA welcomed a new president and announced changes to the board