WMC Retail Partners, the company that plans to open the UK’s first ever pasty museum, is looking for investors.

Malcolm Ball, the Cornish chief executive of WMC, which used to run Old Spitalfields Market in London, confirmed that the attraction will be named Cornucopia.

He said: "The name, which has been taken from the Latin for ’horn of plenty’, has historically been used as a symbol of abundance and nourishment and this is a perfect analogy for the fabulous array of food and drink that Cornwall produces - whilst also incorporating the first four letters of our county’s name.”

Plans for the pasty museum were first announced last October, and now the company is looking for local investors to turn the food and drink venue into the place to go for all things Cornish.

Ball added: "This will not only support the county’s food and drink sector, but also give consumers easy access to the excellent locally-produced produce and significantly lower the ’food miles’ compared to the alternative of the national supermarket brands that are spread throughout the county."

Planned to open in 2017

It is hoped that the attraction will be ready for visitors by early 2017.

Cornucopia will offer the public the chance to browse interactive exhibits, make retail purchases and enjoy the on-site food and drinks service.

Marion Symonds, founder of Portreath Bakery, has recently joined the development team. She said: "The heritage of our Cornish pasty is an international legacy and I welcome all avenues that showcase this historic treasure from Cornwall."

The Pool branch of Portreath Bakery boasts the world’s first Cornish pasty drive through.

Currently, the only pasty museum in the world is in Mexico, which opened in 2011.  Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall paid it a visit in 2014.