== So what’s the product? ==

Torrax XD2 - from the Muntons range of ultra-dark malt extracts, made from roasted malt extracted into a water-soluble viscous liquid, which retains the characteristics of the roasted malt. The result is an intensive, ultra-dark brown extract, made just from barley.

== Why should bakers use it? ==

When added at only 1% in chocolate muffins, for example, bitter chocolate notes are promoted, giving the flavour of a more indulgent, richer product. The crumb is more "glossy" and the colour darker, making the consumer believe they’re getting a premium product. In savoury products, such as rye bread, Torrax gives a chocolate brown colour to the crumb, without the greyness usually associated with roasted cereals.

== What’s so different about it? ==

Torrax XD2 is an ingredient - not an additive. It should be described as ’barley malt extract’ in the ingredients list. Not only does it add colour, but also a natural dry bitterness.

== Bottom line, what will this do for the baker? ==

It means you do not have to add an e-number to your ingredients list when you want to add colour and enhance roasted/bitter flavours in your product, helping you to keep your labels clean. And it makes bland-looking products stand out on-shelf.

== Anything to add? ==

When we taste-tested chocolate muffins, three-quarters of the panellists preferred the sample with 1% Torrax XD2, with 10% reduced chocolate chip and cocoa content.